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Now, before I get into this, I need to make a few things clear. I am not bashing anyone's beliefs in this post other than their beliefs in the best way to communicate and market, which is what [...]

Koh Samui Airport – December 2016

I wrote this on 2/12/16 when I was on my way home from Koh Samui after a week there with my beautiful friend, Martha. I had been heavily engrossed in writing my book (41,000 words now and counting), [...]

Thoughts on my nose trauma

I wrote this a few weeks ago, drunk, after I'd bashed my head and nose whilst skiing. I was surprised how coherent it was considering. It might seem like an odd topic, but I have been writing down [...]

Leaving 1 star reviews for small businesses

Think Before Leaving a 1 Star Review

Bad service or a bad customer experience is not OK, but neither is departing without giving a company theopportunity to rectify the situation and then scurrying home to leave a passive-aggressive 1* review.I went to brunch with some [...]

Birmingham Half Marathon: First Training Run

I haven't written much about my Milton Keynes half yet for no other reason than lack of time, so I also haven't written about my injury or subsequent physiotherapy sessions.You will have to be patient I am afraid. [...]

Week 1 – Game Changer 3.0: Goal Setting

Game changer! Sounds serious, right? Well, it is, but that doesn't mean that it won't be fun.This is a 12 week programme of nutrition and exercise, over which I would like to learn more about how my body [...]

Karrimor Xlite Headband in fluorescent yellow

Why I HAVE To Run This Half Marathon

I don't know what I'm building and by that I mean that I don't know what I'm working towards, in my career, with my personal life, with my hobbies. I don't know my end goal and I'm kind [...]

I got into a mild disagreement today when one of my trainers posted an article about Anna Victoria, an Instagram fitness guru, with the caption 'Awesome article.'I tried to construct a response several times over. I managed a [...]

24 Biscuit Puns from Misery Biscuits

Days are getting tough in the office at the moment as we all work towards to culmination of a rather sizeable project. This stress, combined with a carb deplete for me, I felt had made me a little [...]

glucosamine and fish oil supplements for my joints

Fit Body Boot Camp: My very own Game Changer

I've heard news that the next game changer (GC 3.0) starts on Saturday at Fit Body Boot Camp. The game changer that I didn't want to do because I didn't want to take protein powder or supplements and [...]

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