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How to have a Social Media melt-down

Yesterday I wrote about Amy’s Baking Company’s Social Media crisis, which was pretty epic and wide spreading. Want [...]

Advice when selecting your Social Media agency (for small businesses)

You have a business? A brand? Something you’d like to promote? You want to engage (seriously, I use [...]

Social Media

X ways to cause a Social Media Crisis

It’s a great way to get publicity and I’m not sure that every company stumbles in to a [...]

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Tips for Dating an Entrepreneur

I recently read an article on Quora.com, my favourite question and answer website, about an entrepreneur who wanted [...]


Small Businesses

I know I work for one of the biggest companies in the UK, but I really do love [...]

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We looked for a cat a adopt

Random Pose

We went on a cat hunt!

I always had cats growing up and when my final childhood cat, in the custody of my mother, [...]

Bad Marketing

What we can learn about Marketing from Jehovah’s Witnesses

Now, before I get into this, I need to make a few things clear. I am not bashing [...]


Koh Samui Airport – December 2016

I wrote this on 2/12/16 when I was on my way home from Koh Samui after a week [...]

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Thoughts on my nose trauma

I wrote this a few weeks ago, drunk, after I’d bashed my head and nose whilst skiing. I [...]