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Baking Random Pose

24 Biscuit Puns from Misery Biscuits

Days are getting tough in the office at the moment as we all work towards to culmination of [...]

Fit Body Boot Camp: My very own Game Changer

I’ve heard news that the next game changer (GC 3.0) starts on Saturday at Fit Body Boot Camp. [...]

Karrimor Xlite Headband in fluorescent yellow

Exercise Weight Loss

2016 Fitness Resolutions & Goals

It’s a new year and after getting the fitness bug last year and losing a stone, it’s time [...]

Fit Body Bootcamp End of Year Review 2015 [Video]

Toni, one of the co-owners of Fit Body Boot Camp (FBBC) Birmingham asked us to record ourselves answering [...]

Cool Stuff

4 of the Best Kiwi Horror Films for Halloween

As Halloween approaches, I’m sure you’re all making your decisions regarding which horror films you’re going to be [...]


A Little Motivation: Resisting the Muffin

There is a girl at work who is younger than me and has an incredible figure. I assumed [...]


My New Way Of Life

My boyfriend put his arms around me this evening and exclaimed ‘you feel thinner!’ That felt good! I [...]


Day 9: A Little Update – Fit Body Boot Camp Birmingham

Now I’m heading in to week two, I thought I should give you a little update about how [...]


Day 4: Morning Workout – Fit Body Boot Camp Birmingham

If I can nail the early morning work outs, I think I’ll have this exercise programme licked. So, [...]


Day 3: Better Than Before – Fit Body Boot Camp Birmingham

Yesterday was wretched, I felt wretched and I even wretched a bit! Today the programme was so much [...]