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Random Pose

XKCD: Everything

I really enjoy XKCD. Sometimes I don’t understand it, sometimes it makes me Google concepts, sometimes it makes [...]

Housemate Hijinks

Christmas is coming: Starbucks’ red cups

I love Christmas and I don’t have a problem with it starting in October. I love everything about [...]

Housemate Hijinks

Happy Hallowe’en

Happy Hallowe’en everyone! I love Hallowe’en. I have done for as long as I can remember and have [...]

Random Pose

Little Victories

Yesterday someone told me that self praise is a waste of time. Don’t worry, I verbally smacked them [...]


Cupcake Selection

I’ve been getting involved in one of the more fun aspects of my job today, picking cupcakes! We [...]


Speed Dating: Round 1

I’ve been clearing out my room today [cue laughter] as if it could take but a day. Seriously, [...]

Saturday Superstar

Sunday Superstar: Christopher Darby

Yes, it’s this guy again… This is his second time as a superstar this year (that I’ve written [...]

Digital Marketing

The Facebook Over-Sharing Objection

I’ve been reading a lot lately about people who are getting increasingly annoyed with the amount others are [...]

Fashion & Beauty

Preparation, Tuesday 4th October — Cardiff Clothes Sale: Browse, Buy Sell

Fashion & Beauty

Preparation, Monday 3rd October — Cardiff Clothes Sale: Browse, Buy Sell

  More preparations for the Cardiff Clothes Sale on Sunday 9th October http://cardiffclothessale.co.uk/ Charli’s YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/CharliDotDotDot Charli’s Blog [...]