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I’ve been getting involved in one of the more fun aspects of my job today, picking cupcakes!

We don’t send cupcakes very often, but every now and then a team or person will go above and beyond and then some for us so we can deliver a project on time. When this happens, whoever is running the project has the happy task of trawling through webpages of deliciously iced baked goods and ordering them.

Now, the way in which I pick these services has changed. Emma before me picked the most impressive website and images and ordered from there, a perfectly acceptable method of cupcake selection. However, I wanted to use a cupcake purveyor that was a little more personal. Though I work for a large corporation, I have nothing but admiration for the people that have attempted to go it alone, starting up their small businesses based on their passion as opposed to solely a need to make a living. I like to support these people where I can and ultimately I want to work with small businesses to improve their online presence. Need help with that? Hit me up here!

So how did my search start?

With a tweet. I wanted to check with my immediate network to see if anyone there could help or knew a good purveyor of cupcakes.

I’d rather use someone I know and help them out with their business if possible.

Here’s how it went:

@Pose83: Need professional cupcakes made in Cardiff &/or Edinburgh. If you can make these or can recommend, get in touch!

8 mins later

@ingrid_anusic: @Pose83 How many do you need and what theme/colours?

@Pose83: @ingrid_anusic Prob about a dozen for each location, no particular theme, just tasty. Shall I email you?

Now, Ingrid is a friend of mine, but I’m all for using my network. I’ve emailed her my requirements.

Unfortunately, Ingrid can’t make them for me. I need a receipt and she can’t provide me with one. So, back to the drawing board.

But wait. Another tweet pinged up on my phone.

@NatInCardiff How many? By when? :o)

Now, we’ll just go ahead and ignore that little smiley face on the end, because I’m really not a fan. This post is about joyous cupcakes, not my emoticon rantings. I know Nat can bake and I know she bakes a lot. We negotiated a bit on cost. She went in way too high (£30 for 12 cupcakes – come on now), but she is going to make me some cupcakes.

As the name suggests, Nat’s based in Cardiff, so that will take care of the Cardiff cakes, but I still needed an Ediburgh cake connection.

I hit Google, but  not for a plain old vanilla Google search, I hit up the blog section. I love this area. It might as well be an enthusiasm filter, because if you’re nuts about cake, you’ll sure enough write about it. The first relevant page I came to was from Lizzie at Lizzie’s Tea Party. It’s less of a blog and more of a website made in WordPress (so didn’t display correctly on the work’s computer), but it looked personal and Lizzie looked happy; the cakes didn’t look  bad either. However, Lizzie didn’t respond to my emails, for whatever reason (hence the lack of link here), so I called a couple of other places and only Cupcake Planet answered the phone. I totally understand that other bakers might have been in the kitchen baking, but I needed to get this sorted.

Cue Kirsty from Cupcake Planet. She was friendly and very helpful, whats more is that she agreed to produce AND deliver 12 delicious cupcakes for £18 – that’s pretty competitive!The cupcakes are due for delivery today.

I await response from the recipients.

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