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4 of the Best Kiwi Horror Films for Halloween

As Halloween approaches, I'm sure you're all making your decisions regarding which horror films you're going to be watching and giving careful consideration for the national origin of such films. Well, allow me to recommend some Kiwi horrors [...]

Hungry Ghosts, OK Go – A Review

Hungry Ghosts is the fourth album from Chicago band, OK Go and I love it! That could just be the end of the review right there, but that seems a little lazy. I fell in love with OK Go [...]

The Tom Selleck Cake Returns

Last week, just before I was about to go on holiday, I received a comment on this very blog, as well as a message through Facebook, regarding a cake I made to celebrate my buddy, Laura's, 30th birthday. [...]

Calling more April Fools

I'm calling these as April Fools too... Web licence to be compulsory for ALL internet users I give this a 2 out of 5. It's not massively funny and is more likely to scare the gullible among us more than [...]

Looks like YouTube are in on the April Fools' Day hilarity too. They've made a video claiming that after 8 years their contest to find the best home movie is finally closing. It will take 10 years to [...]

April Fool Spotting: BMW

Facebook seems to be a prime place to look for April fools stories. Just logged on and this was one of the first things I saw. I love this! It's topical, inoffensive and seems to be getting some [...]

Ryan Gosling’s Abs, Ryan Reynolds’ Career & More

I don't normally comment on movie trailers, but I have a few too many comments on this trailer to post on my buddy's Facebook wall, so here's a trailer from the new Ryan Gosling film, The Place Beyond [...]

Gangnam Style, #1 in UK: Your guide to K-Pop

Wading through the Justin Bieber dross and patiently waiting for Rihanna to stop banging on about how tough her life it, K-Pop time on the music channel in Thailand was always a highlight for Claire and I and [...]

Best Wedding Dance Ever – 9 decades of music

I stumbled across this today on YouTube as it was posted by the man who does Social Media Banking. I was in touch with him a while ago when I was first interested in Social Media and working [...]


I've been reading some interesting stuff recently. Check it... Best celebrity photo-bombs courtesy of Zooey Deschanel's site Hello Giggles. Absolutely loving New Girl as well, starring Zooey! Women might be crazy by text message, but men are nuts [...]