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7 Things I Learned About Relationships in 2014

2014 was a good year for me. I learned a lot about myself and others. There were some interesting lessons about relationships. You can be with the right person at the wrong time. A few years ago a friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend. After several years apart, but remaining friends, they got back together and are about to buy their [...]

POF – What have I caught in my net this week?

I've been going through my draft blog posts, trying to delete them or complete them. I stumbled upon this one. I've actually been in a relationship for over a year now with someone I met during my online dating adventures. Things are good, but I really miss how much material online dating gave me to write about, so I thought I'd finish the [...]

New Plenty of Fish feature allows you to leave date feedback

Yes, I just logged in to my POF.com account today and realised that I can now leave feedback on people that I have been on a date with (as well as people that I can just pretend to have been on a date with). Within your messages on the right-hand side (as shown below), you have the option to give feedback. Clicking on [...]

POF – Recent Messages

Hello again. Back for more of my PlentyOfFish messages and responses. Well, here they are... As ever, prospective employers, you are requested to take a look over here. This week (or whatever time period has passed): I do try and reply to everyone, but some people make it hard and I get bored, so then this happens:  Him: Hi there, how are you? X [...]

POF – My House Rules

You've got to have some rules of response on PlentyOfFish. You're going to get a lot of rubbish, so setting out your own guidelines means you can just delete messages and block people, tut and remark to yourself  "they should have known better" if that's the path you choose. Don't divulge your rules, you know, just have them for yourself. Mine are as [...]

Angels and Unicorns: An Interesting Online Dating Response

Hello you! Thanks for swinging by. Firstly, I just want to thank everyone that has tweeted, Facebooked and emailed me about yesterday's post on Online Dating. You've all made me giggle. Secondly, on to business. One special email I received this week was from a friend regarding yesterday's post. It contained a response a friend of hers had received regarding her dating profile [...]

POF – Recent Messages

I know you guys come to this site looking for stuff about PlentyOfFish.com (I check my keywords, I know it's true) and I don't provide it nearly often enough. So let's start a semi-regular feature looking at some of the messages I receive. And who knows, if this goes well, I might even make up some profiles to get more messages. I am [...]

Internet Dating: Why the stigma has gone

Internet dating is big business, the stats speak for themselves really. The industry is worth $2 billion worldwide and apparently 17% of all marriages are from couples that have met online according to StatisticBrain. We’re all slowly beginning to accept that we just don’t have enough time for traditional dating and therefore online dating is losing the stigma of being seedy and full [...]

First Date Don’ts

I'm writing this post from my own experience to give you some first date tips. I hope you find it useful. Please feel free to add you own advice in the comments section. It's been almost 3 weeks since the date now and he hasn't called (he's a caller not a texter) and therefore I don't think I'm shooting myself in the foot [...]

So, this happened…

This will probably cue a phone call from my mother telling me "Pose*, that's a little too personal." I've taken down posts before because of her opinion and reading them back they were possibly a little ranty, though also insightful. I'm not sure who reads this blog anymore. I know a lot of people arrive here looking for photos of a topless Captain [...]

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