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7 Things I Learned About Relationships in 2014

2014 was a good year for me. I learned a lot about myself and others. There were some interesting lessons about relationships. You can be with the right person at the wrong time. A few years ago a [...]

I've been going through my draft blog posts, trying to delete them or complete them. I stumbled upon this one. I've actually been in a relationship for over a year now with someone I met during my online [...]

Plenty of Fish Date Feedback

Yes, I just logged in to my POF.com account today and realised that I can now leave feedback on people that I have been on a date with (as well as people that I can just pretend to [...]

Fish of the week BARRACUDA

POF – Recent Messages

Hello again. Back for more of my PlentyOfFish messages and responses. Well, here they are... As ever, prospective employers, you are requested to take a look over here. This week (or whatever time period has passed): I do [...]

POF – My House Rules

You've got to have some rules of response on PlentyOfFish. You're going to get a lot of rubbish, so setting out your own guidelines means you can just delete messages and block people, tut and remark to yourself [...]

Hello you! Thanks for swinging by. Firstly, I just want to thank everyone that has tweeted, Facebooked and emailed me about yesterday's post on Online Dating. You've all made me giggle. Secondly, on to business. One special email [...]

One of the many fish available

POF – Recent Messages

I know you guys come to this site looking for stuff about PlentyOfFish.com (I check my keywords, I know it's true) and I don't provide it nearly often enough. So let's start a semi-regular feature looking at some [...]

Internet Dating: Why the stigma has gone

Internet dating is big business, the stats speak for themselves really. The industry is worth $2 billion worldwide and apparently 17% of all marriages are from couples that have met online according to StatisticBrain. We’re all slowly beginning [...]

First Date Don’ts

I'm writing this post from my own experience to give you some first date tips. I hope you find it useful. Please feel free to add you own advice in the comments section. It's been almost 3 weeks [...]

So, this happened…

This will probably cue a phone call from my mother telling me "Pose*, that's a little too personal." I've taken down posts before because of her opinion and reading them back they were possibly a little ranty, though [...]