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Digital Marketing

Leaving 1 star reviews for small businesses

Think Before Leaving a 1 Star Review

Bad service or a bad customer experience is not OK, but neither is departing without giving a company theopportunity to rectify the situation and then scurrying home to leave a passive-aggressive 1* review.I went to brunch with some [...]

My Social Stance: I won’t do that!

I get contacted about Social Media jobs a lot. I get contacted about Web Analytics jobs even more. Become a Web Analyst if you're struggling for employment, there are loads of jobs in that. Anyway, the Social Media [...]

Phones 4U in administration

I'm rather surprised at the news that Phones 4U has gone in to administration. Not because I thought they had a water-tight business model, but because it was only a matter of weeks ago that I was approached [...]

Twitter Chat with Sainsbury’s

I'm converted! Grocery shopping is an unnecessary evil of the modern world and I've become increasingly infuriated with Asda's poor fruit and veg quality (mouldy lemons, peppers that looks like a spider has been living inside them, squishy [...]

As a Digital Marketer, I dream of the day when something I do goes viral. Though some times things go viral for the wrong reasons and you have a Social Media crisis on your hands - eek! It'll [...]

I changed my Twitter handle to JoDtw

It's been a busy day for me on the blog today. I have over 140 unfinished blog posts that I've been trying to complete, plus loads more ideas and I've also been tinkering with the design a bit [...]

I heard it said today that if you aren't putting the customer in the centre of your activities, you shouldn't be in Marketing. I agree. But do you always remember to employ customer centric marketing? I also heard [...]

The Twitter Full Stop / Period – who knew?

Have you heard about the Twitter full stop or period (dependent on where you live) that can alter who sees your reply tweets? Well if you haven't, you're not alone. I claim to have an interest in Social [...]

The Social Salem Media Witch Trials

Well, I'm not going to get many SEO points for that title but let's get going. Recently (November) I visited Salem, MA (Massachusetts) as part of my epic American tour for my 30th birthday (Note to self, I [...]

I do not now and never have worked for a Digital Agency, yet I've amassed a few reasons why some aren't getting as much work as they probably should be, especially as some are actually working on some [...]