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Social Media

My Social Stance: I won’t do that!

I get contacted about Social Media jobs a lot. I get contacted about Web Analytics jobs even more. Become a Web Analyst if you're struggling for employment, there are loads of jobs in that. Anyway, the Social Media [...]

Twitter Chat with Sainsbury’s

I'm converted! Grocery shopping is an unnecessary evil of the modern world and I've become increasingly infuriated with Asda's poor fruit and veg quality (mouldy lemons, peppers that looks like a spider has been living inside them, squishy [...]

As a Digital Marketer, I dream of the day when something I do goes viral. Though some times things go viral for the wrong reasons and you have a Social Media crisis on your hands - eek! It'll [...]

I changed my Twitter handle to JoDtw

It's been a busy day for me on the blog today. I have over 140 unfinished blog posts that I've been trying to complete, plus loads more ideas and I've also been tinkering with the design a bit [...]

The Twitter Full Stop / Period – who knew?

Have you heard about the Twitter full stop or period (dependent on where you live) that can alter who sees your reply tweets? Well if you haven't, you're not alone. I claim to have an interest in Social [...]

The Social Salem Media Witch Trials

Well, I'm not going to get many SEO points for that title but let's get going. Recently (November) I visited Salem, MA (Massachusetts) as part of my epic American tour for my 30th birthday (Note to self, I [...]

If you're in to Social Media, you'll have struggled to avoid discovering the Social Media meltdown that was Amy's Baking Company a few weeks ago, but if you're not busying yourself with Social Media, as often as I [...]

Margaret Thatcher died. She was old, which I hear significantly increases your chance of death. She was 87, which is a good age. She had outlived her husband and was living in the Ritz hotel in London. I [...]

OK, let's start with my experience. After searching high and low for a discount code to order some Urban Decay cosmetics, I discovered that most sites with codes didn't allow you to use them on certain brands, Urban [...]

Calling more April Fools

I'm calling these as April Fools too... Web licence to be compulsory for ALL internet users I give this a 2 out of 5. It's not massively funny and is more likely to scare the gullible among us more than [...]