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My New Way Of Life

My boyfriend put his arms around me this evening and exclaimed 'you feel thinner!' That felt good! I am half a stone thinner, which is no mean feat, but I'm also leaner, less fat, more muscle. As my second week draws to an end (it's day 13 and there is a cheat meal tomorrow - hurray), I am starting to realise that this [...]

Zombie Apocalypse Training: Gym Motivation

I don't like going to the gym. Some people do. They get a rush and they do multiple classes in one session, but I am not one of those people. However, I understand the need for regular exercise, despite doctors this week claiming it has very little effect on obesity (I am not obese though). So, I've had to rationalise it in my [...]

Final Day: Fitocracy

So it's the last day of the Spark Challenge on Fitocracy, which they have now decided to rename the Arnold Challenge. It annoys me that they've changed this half way through - plan your marketing better! You can read about what the challenge entails here, but I've put the exercises below as a reminder. It's for sets of this: Body Weight Squats – [...]

Learning to Snowboard: Day 6: I’m a Boarder, Baby!

Today was our final day. Christie was out in terms of lessons, but came up the mountain to get another look at Charles, our instructor. I really think she could have played on the injury a bit better, you know, play for sympathy, but she's not as much of a drama queen as me. I could tell he wanted her to come and [...]

Fitocracy: Day 4

It's the 4th April today and I've managed to do the Fitocracy Spark Challenge every day. You can see the challenge here. It's getting easier and I think  might need to step it up a notch. The reverse lunges make my knees creek though, which I definitely don't think is a good sign. Anyway, I'm pretty proud of myself that I've managed to [...]

Fitocracy: Spark Challenge

I am doing the Fitocracy Spark Challenge. It's an exercise regime from Fitocracy.com which asks you to give 30 mins a day to get fitter and it's endorsed by the ultimate fitness fanatic himself, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can sign up for it here and it runs throughout April. There are 2 different routines you can choose and I plumped for Routine B, [...]

5 days 5ks

Last 5 days I've run 5 x 5kms. Still not at peak, but definitely improving stamina. No gym tomorrow as head to S.Wales. Will be back on it on Thursday, then will have to find a new gym - sad times. Oh, and my soundtrack of choice? Greatest hits of Five/5ive (4our now though). My housemate's got the dinner on too! Life is [...]

Learning to Snowboard: Day 5 – A Game Changer for Christie

Today the weather lifted and the snow was lovely. We had a great lesson, with Charles, our instructor arriving sans sunglasses. He has amazing brown eyes and lovely dark eyelashes. Christie was right, he's hot! Oh la laa! (Sorry, even I cringed when I wrote that). We had lunch at the top of the Belvedere lift at Le Vaffieu. It was pricey, but [...]

Learning to Snowboard: Day 4

After a momentous day yesterday, today took a big dip when the weather turned incredibly cloudy/foggy. We had trouble deciding between cloud and fog, so most of us used the terms interchangeably. The horrific weather meant increased concentration was essential. It's amazing how much this required focus takes it out of you physically. Further down the slope the conditions improved, but really not [...]

Learning to Snowboard: Day 3: CLICK!

We've been told that day 3 of learning to snowboard is the day when things start to click, snowboarding wise and it really did. Today was probably the best day so far. I seem to be linking my turns happily and not stacking it too much. I think keeping alcohol levels low and getting a good night's sleep helped though. Chair lifts are [...]

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My New Way Of Life
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My boyfriend put his arms around me this evening and

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