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Zombie Apocalypse Training: Gym Motivation

I don't like going to the gym. Some people do. They get a rush and they do multiple classes in one session, but I am not one of those people. However, I understand the need for regular exercise, [...]

5 days 5ks

Last 5 days I've run 5 x 5kms. Still not at peak, but definitely improving stamina. No gym tomorrow as head to S.Wales. Will be back on it on Thursday, then will have to find a new gym [...]

Cardiff 10k Run

So, it turns out that hobbling around the office at work all day on stiff legs doesn't garner anywhere near as much attention or sympathy as I was hoping for. Yesterday I ran the Cardiff 10k and after [...]

...then gives up and walks home with mate, chatting about going to Blackpool! Yes, it was a bit of an exercise fail this evening. I went out running with Guy again around the same 7.5km route and we [...]

#JoRuns: Outdoor running, it’s happening!

I know I haven't written for a while. I'm sorry. I've been keeping busy. I wrote this entry on 15th May. Last week was rubbish, if I'm honest. I felt sick for most of it and was living [...]

#JoRuns and walks a bit too

On Saturday, I went walking with some mates in the South Wales country side. It was good to be away from the motorway. We walked about 11km in total over varying terrain and My Fitness Pal reckons I [...]

I've run two nights in row and I know this is against the advice I've been given, but after a shocking run on Wednesday due to lack of time, sleep and food (I managed 3km in 21 mins [...]

Last Thursday's results. I've also started to record the food I eat prior to exercise to see how this impacts my workout Distance: 6km Time: 43 mins 08 seconds Food: Garlic baguette (yep, that was my dinner) Pretty [...]

#JoRuns : 5km, 35 mins 19 seconds, treadmill

Running again tonight. I ran on Sunday too with the following stats: Distance: 5.5km Time: Not sure Gym Music: Mumford & Son (because I enjoying the sweary bits) I'm still struggling to break the 5km mark, mainly because [...]

#JoRuns : 6km, 43 mins 03 seconds, treadmill

Back in the gym today! On a breakfast of scrambled eggs on brown toast I ran a pretty good 6km. It's definitely getting easier. Distance: 6km Time: 43:03 Gym Music: Gotta Get Thru This, Daniel Bedingfield & You [...]