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Laser Eye Surgery

How to Prepare for Laser Eye Surgery

Today one of my best friends is having laser eye surgery.  As you may know, I had laser eye surgery in November 2012 Links here, here, here and here! So, I have given her a few tips to [...]

In November 2012 I had laser eye surgery with Ultralase. While everything is fine now, the experience could have been a lot easier with a better clinic. Read on to find out more... Ultralase and subsequently Optimax, who [...]

Laser Eye Surgery: Week 2

The second week after my laser eye surgery and I was starting to lament the lack of exercise and make-up.  I was actually rather surprised at how much it was getting me down. I'd regained all the weight [...]

Laser Eye Surgery: Days 3 to 7

Three days after my laser eye surgery, I was down to only adding drops every 4 hours, which was a much better schedule. I managed to drive back to Cardiff on day 3. You can see my array [...]

Laser Eye Surgery and the Array of Drops

If you've had laser eye surgery, you're probably pretty good with putting drops in your eyes. As a lens wearer for some 8-10 years, I thought I'd be amazing at it; super fast, super precise, squirt, squirt, done! [...]

Laser Eye Surgery: 24 hours on

In the morning after my laser eye surgery I headed back to the clinic for a check up and everything seemed fine, plus, I was clear to drive again, although I think the DVLA might have other ideas [...]

Laser Eye Surgery: The First Night

Well, I was kind of looking forward to going to bed the first night hoping that I'd feel a lot better in the morning. Drop application had now become a steady routine every two hours, but I didn't [...]

Laser Eye Surgery: The Aftermath – First 6 hours

So, I decided to have laser eye surgery and have decided to document the healing process as I'm slightly aggrieved by what I had learned from other people's experiences and felt it didn't adequately prepare me for what [...]