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Stop HS2 campaign

Stop HS2

I've just created a new page about the UK Government's plans to start building HS2 in 2017. I opposed this decision and think it would be better to invest in high speed internet nationwide to allow people more [...]

Sales Messaging

This is a bit of a ranty post, for which I make no apologies. Bounce off the page now if you want to avoid. Professionally, I get a lot of people trying to sell me stuff. It doesn't [...]

Karin Herzog, you don’t need this CAPTCHA!

Ergh! I hate those in comprehensible captcha things that apparently deter robots and reduce spam, but I get why they're there in most instances. But why, oh why does Karin Herzog (cosmetics company that I can't afford) have [...]

2012: The Year of Unfortunate Choices

  I'm categorising this year as 'bad.' 2012 you weren't kind to me and I'm glad you're reaching your conclusion. However, you haven't been without a few redeeming features. You have taught me a lot with your wicked [...]

They say never meet your heroes. Apparently, you should never tweet them either. Today @cspenn (Christopher S Penn) started following my Twitter account (@Pose83). Christopher Penn is one of the guys that makes the Marketing Over Coffee podcast. [...]

Lana Del Rey: Music to kill yourself by?

I knew this would happen. I wanted to write about how much I didn't understand the Lana Del Rey phenomenon, but thought I should at least listen to one of her songs in full before commenting on my [...]

Parking Fine: Unimpressed with Cardiff Council

This morning I discovered a parking ticket on my car! Mmm. I freely admit that should not have parked where I parked, but I came home late last night and there were no spots available within the defined [...]