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It’s Mardi Gras / Pancake Day

Happy Mardi Gras, Pancake Day or Tuesday! Whatever you're celebrating, have a wonderful day. Here in my house, we're celebrating a combination of Pancake Day and Mardi Gras. In November 2013, my best friend and I travelled to New Orleans, Louisiana as part of my 30th birthday celebrations. Here we sang karaoke at Cat's Meow, drank Hurricanes, ate PoBoys, explored the swamps, had [...]

Kenya Booze Haul

Just back from a wonderful 2 weeks in Kenya and had to take a trip to the duty free on the way back. I know many bloggers do make up and clothes hauls, but, well, I collect booze, and I do mean collect. It's a collection because I don't drink them all at once, I do save and savour my drinks. So, what [...]

Tips for Duty Free Alcohol Shopping at the Airport

After a recent holiday and some recent alcohol purchases to add to my increasing collection in cocktail corner, I thought I'd drop you a few hints on buying alcohol at the airport, where you can save a fair bit of money if you're cunning. UK customs will allow you to bring back a certain amount of alcohol into the country from outside the EU [...]


Hi all, I know I've been a little quiet lately. Well, I'm actually in Kenya working on some Marketing out here. I will be writing some posts on Marketing in Kenya as it's not quite the same as back home in the UK, but for now you can read about what I'm getting up to on my new travel blog Irregular Jo. Take [...]

Learning to Snowboard: Day 6: I’m a Boarder, Baby!

Today was our final day. Christie was out in terms of lessons, but came up the mountain to get another look at Charles, our instructor. I really think she could have played on the injury a bit better, you know, play for sympathy, but she's not as much of a drama queen as me. I could tell he wanted her to come and [...]

An Apology to XXX: Learning to Snowboard, Day 5

Content removed by request!

Learning to Snowboard: Day 5 – A Game Changer for Christie

Today the weather lifted and the snow was lovely. We had a great lesson, with Charles, our instructor arriving sans sunglasses. He has amazing brown eyes and lovely dark eyelashes. Christie was right, he's hot! Oh la laa! (Sorry, even I cringed when I wrote that). We had lunch at the top of the Belvedere lift at Le Vaffieu. It was pricey, but [...]

An Apology to Stuart Coleman: The European Bin Bag Game

Yesterday I wrote about The European Bin Bag Game. This is an exciting and ground-breaking game and the article may have implied that it was me who created it. I need to clarify that this is not the case and the game was actually conceived and popularised by Stuart Coleman of The Football Diaries and Carrie Hay. I apologise whole-heartedly for any hurt, distress [...]

Learning to Snowboard: Day 4

After a momentous day yesterday, today took a big dip when the weather turned incredibly cloudy/foggy. We had trouble deciding between cloud and fog, so most of us used the terms interchangeably. The horrific weather meant increased concentration was essential. It's amazing how much this required focus takes it out of you physically. Further down the slope the conditions improved, but really not [...]

The European Bin Bag Game

As you may know, I've recently learned to snowboard with The Hofnar Experience. You can read more about that here. Whilst away, my friend, Christie, introduced me to a new game. It sounded ridiculous, but is actually a surprising amount of fun if you're in to this kind of thing. It's called The Bin Bag Game If there is one thing the Europeans [...]

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