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One Day by David Nicholls

Several people waxed lyrical to me about how amazing the book One Day by David Nicholls is. I thought it was OK. I don't read much fiction on account of not having time and when I do I like a book that makes me cry. With this book, I felt that the concept of only looking at a snap shot of the characters'…

Hangover Day

Thursday 29th September Today was a hangover day. Yesterday was volunteering day. Oh, what will tomorrow hold? I've found the best cure for hangovers is staying in bed all day watching One Tree Hill, Scrubs or more recently, Franklin & Bash. Failing that, a banana and a pint of half diet coke and half water. However, being the disorganised mid-week drinker that I…

2011: An Early Review

I know it's not the end of the year, but I don't think we have to pass some kind of an official calendar landmark in order to look back and evaluate. So, this year started really badly. I failed 2 modules of my CIM Post-Grad, I had a really bad first quarter at work, then the realisation that a relationship that never really…

‘Are you OK?’ Day

Today is Thursday, but as well as that, it's 'are you OK?' day. This idea was brought to my attention by Checks & Spots. The concept is simple. On a Thursday, you reach out to someone you care about, or even just someone who looks like they're struggling a bit, and ask them if they are OK. In the time it takes for you…

What’s in the box?

??My brother's soon-to-be wife, Anne, was kind enough to send me a box of products that she likes for me to review. They include - The Clinique 3 step system for dry skin - 2 x Barry M eyeliner pens - Barry M waterproof eyeliner - Body Shop mascara - Simple make up remover pads - SP Colour protect shampoo & conditioner Below…

Ombre my Hair

So, a few weeks ago I was thinking about ombring my hair, remember? Well, I had a go and it failed. But then I had another go and it kind of worked. You can check out what happened here…

BooHoo.com: Summer Sale

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to catch a sneak preview of the BooHoo AW11 collection in London. It was my first PR event and everyone at BooHoo was really lovely, plus the collection is pretty exciting. I will be writing a post on that soon too, but as the summer is not quite over, I thought I'd let you…

What makes you happy?

I read a blog post earlier over on Moorea Seal's blog this morning. I'm not a regular of Moorea Seal yet, I was over there reading the guest post by Sarah Von of Yes and Yes, of which I am a regular. The post, if you don't want to go and read it, was about a girl who felt stuck in a rut…

Wedding Fashion: Glitzy Secrets

My brother gets married a month tomorrow, cue lots of posts on wedding fashions. I'm wearing a dress that I already own and have only worn it once. It's navy, with ruching in all the right places and hangs perfectly. It was only £40, but looks like it's worth more. Anyway, this post was supposed to be about accessories. As I'm wearing a…

AW11: Firetrap’s Collection

Firetrap have already released a few snaps of their AW11 collection, fronted by singer Sunday Girl. Slightly veering away from the colour palette I'm predicting, they've thrown in some inky purples and deep blues, along with industrial looking greys. The colours mirror those that your find reflecting in petrol and I really adore these dark, moody tones. Firetrap's textures are also varied with…

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