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Don’t blog when tired

I’ve just written several blog entries after two very long days, so I’m rather tired and a little bit grumpy. There’s some alright writing in them, but there is also a lot of guff to wade through in order to make something vaguely entertaining or enjoyable to read.They’re in need of some serious negativity screening. I’ve had a cracking couple of days though…

So, You Didn’t Get Raptured! Your quick reference guide to The Rapture

It's Tuesday now and you might have had your fingers crossed or had it pencilled in your diary that you were going to get raptured on Saturday but I guess if you are reading this now, then you are still with us. Sorry (if you're disappointed, that is). I was surfing on Saturday, which would have given the good Lord ample opportunity to…

Acts of Bravery / Acts of Stupidity

Over the last few days I have surprised myself with regards to my responses to two potentially hostile situations and I wanted to blog about them to try to understand if I did the right thing. If nothing else, both gave me a bit of an adrenaline hit. The first occurrence happened last weekend. I was returning from the gym on my bike…

Geek Out: Graphs & Look-ups

I'm feeling in need of a bit of a geek out today. It's only Tuesday, but my life needed a new graph, so I made one to track my progress on my 100km challenge. I also discovered a brand new formula in MS Excel yesterday. Remember how you use to look things up either vertically (VLOOKUP) or horizontally (HLOOKUP)? Remember when a one-way…

For my Posterous readers: This blog has now moved to www.pose83.com


Inefficiency @ Cineworld Cardiff

For reasons unknown to us, Cineworld cinema in Cardiff has shut their regular ticket kiosks and turned off their self-service machines in favour of serving people from the confectionary and beverages counter.My cinema-going friend managed to get to the final booking page for tickets on his iPhone 4 before we got to the desk (though there was a £1.40 booking fee). Impressive application…

Regal Names and Royal Games

In less that 24 hours the Royal Wedding will be upon us and I will have sunk a glass of Pimms before noon - bring on the cucumber sandwiches and coronation chicken hors d'oeuvres. I will also be using a royal name for the day and have found this formula via a friend's Facebook status. I'll be using elements of this, mixed with…

Reading List

I was recently asked for some literature recommendations, so I thought I'd share my suggestions. I'm reading loads of books. I like Avinash Kaushik's Web Analytics: An Hour a Day and the SEO Book in the same series is good. Currently reading the New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott. Read This First: The Executive's Guide to New Media-from Blogs…

Limited Edition: Leaves

I happened upon these in Tesco yesterday. I have no doubt that they are delicious, but what exactly makes them special edition? It seemed like an odd label to attached to salad leaves, so I thought I'd take a photo and share it…

To the cloud

Microsoft, you might need to explain what you're on about with your new 'Cloud' advert.Some recently polled opinion seems to be 'err...what's that?' Switch off!Could only find American version on YouTube, which incidentally has 71:106 likes:dislikes…

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