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Bristol Traffic Lights

I’m not a massive fan of traffic lights. I think the whole system is dangerous and open to abuse. They’re good when being used for a pedestrian crossing, though people skip the lights so frequently at the one [...]

Motivational Soap Dispenser

Really exciting top secret project

I'm lucky enough to be involved in some really exciting Marketing/Social Media projects at the moment and the most exciting one is something I'm doing in work. Anyway, it's a really exciting idea with the opportunity for anyone [...]

Choosing toilet tissue – a tricky business?

I was recently charged with the arduous task of choosing toilet paper for me and my housemate. We seem to get through it rather quickly, but I have my suspicions that the boys I live with, whose bathroom [...]

Hofnar: Sharing Video Content

This was just a quick idea I had and while I am going to do a whole Marketing case study on Hofnar and I’m sure this idea will feature in some of the tactical initiatives, I wanted to [...]

British Trains

I usually enjoy my jaunts down to London for work, but I've been commuting for over 3 hours now and the journey takes just under 2 usually. The reason for the delay? Cows on the track! The details [...]

Verifying my feed on Digg

I have not idea how this works, but I'm having a play to try and link my blog to Digg. Any advice welcome.<!--25deccf1bde34fc1911bd9f609f83b9f-->Connect with me:www.twitter.com/pose83pose83.posterous.com/uk.linkedin.com/in/jodarby Or pit your wits against me on Words With Friends - username: Pose83

Facebook’s New Profile Layout

I have just signed up to the new Facebook profile layout, which is going to be rolled out to all new users from the beginning on 2011, though you can opt in now at:http://www.facebook.com/about/profile/I'm unsure about it at [...]

Comment on ‘Share this on Facebook: Classic CIM’

Oh no! What do I do now? I commend the CIM for reaching out to me and tackling this, but I had already figured out this was a broken link, so kind of feel they're stating the obvious [...]

Share this on Facebook: Classic CIM

I feel a little bad that I keep picking fault with the CIM website, but I was looking for my exam case study to download, even though I had been told it was not available online by the [...]