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Gangnam Style, #1 in UK: Your guide to K-Pop

Wading through the Justin Bieber dross and patiently waiting for Rihanna to stop banging on about how tough her life it, K-Pop time on the music channel in Thailand was always a highlight for Claire and I and now the phenomenon has followed us home, we reckon you’ll be hooked soon too.

So after Psy’s success with Gangnam Style, I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of our favourite K-Pop artists:

Like a Dream, Fat Cat

We have no idea why this girl is called Fat Cat, but Like A Dream got stuck in our heads, as did the dance moves. I found her excruciatingly annoying, but she sings a hell of a catchy tune.

Heaven, Ailee

Next up, Heaven by Ailee. What we think is going on here is that her boyfriend died and she finds another one, but she’s still thinking about the old one. Who knows? (Presumably someone that can translate). We also liked singing ‘Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin’ instead of ‘heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven’ as it really made no difference to us.

Roly Poly, T-ara

I downloaded Roly Poly when I got home because I thought it would be an awesome running track and I wasn’t wrong. It’s sung by a rather large girl group called T-ara. Took me a while to figure out why it was called Roly Poly, but they’re actually singing it in the chorus, though it sounds like ‘lolly polly.’ Epic dance moves too.

Paparazzi, Girls Generation

Another massive girl band (in terms of group members and probably popularity) are Girls Generation. They have rather a few hits, but this seemed to be the most prolific in September, when we were in Asia. This song, Paparazzi, it a perfect example of how K-Pop mixes Korean and English. Just when you think you can start singing along, they’re back to Korean!

Fantastic Baby, Big Bang

Last but definitely not least, this was probably our favourite band and song. It has a bit of a Black Eyed Peas vibe, but the visuals will blow your mind. I don’t even know where to start describing them. Look out for the owl. You’ll be exclaiming ‘Wow! Fantastic baby’ at everything from noodles to monkey gibbons. I predict this one finds it’s way to UK shores pretty soon…

So if you thought Gangnam Style was big, you just wait for the K-Pop invasion. I’ll be ready, will you?


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  • love it ^.^ hehe <3

  • Found your blog by way of the ear infection post and am now exploring. Just a heads up (over a year after you posted it, sure why not…), Paparazzi is one of Girls’ Generation’s Japanese singles. Just when you think you can start singing along in English, they’re back to *Japanese* 😉

    • They have English songs? I like that they tend to throw a bit of English in with the Japanese. Thanks for letting me know. Over to YouTube for me then to waste the rest of my Sunday evening…

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