I’ve been reading some interesting stuff recently. Check it…

Best celebrity photo-bombs courtesy of Zooey Deschanel’s site Hello Giggles. Absolutely loving New Girl as well, starring Zooey!

Women might be crazy by text message, but men are nuts by email! Thank the Lord that the respective daters published the details. Brought to my attention by Pixi Flowers and RS.

Clothes for Tesco have added a virtual fitting room app to their Facebook page. I love that you can change the dimensions of the body, amend the hair and stick a photo of yourself on there too, just would have preferred a dedicated fashion company to have got here first. Article here, Facebook app here and Pose83 Facebook page here, which I will be updating soon because…

I discovered yesterday that Facebook will be changing our business page over to the timeline version at the end of the month unless I get in there first and make the transition. Have been looking for some inspiration for creative cover art and boy did I find some?! More here too

Beware the Googlighting Stranger – Microsoft’s cheeky video that points out how Google will experiment with you and could drop your software like a brick if it’s ailing. Remember Google Wave anyone?

This cereal is Totes Amazeballs, literally! It was supposed to be a one off, but may now be sold to a wider audience. Brought to my attention by SVP.

Have a good weekend all and feel free to comment below!


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