Most Played: I Will Be Waiting, Daphne Willis


Hi all,

Happy Friday!

I’ve just fallen in love with a new song and had it on repeat all week.

I discovered the music of Daphne Willis when I was looking for music to use in the intro of my YouTube videos. I’m using her song, Live for Now, which I also adore.

Anyway, this is a song about waiting for someone, presumably to come back from wherever they’re been. Waiting is a concept I’m familiar with, but not something I’m very good at.

The video shows a man who looks like he’s invited his neighbour to come and watch him in the critically acclaimed ‘Jimmy Jet Pack is Going Down.’ He’s waiting to see if she turns up. It’s another one of those situations of putting yourself out there and the waiting is torturously exciting and sometimes, just sometimes, it pays off…


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