YouTube is finally closing it’s competition to find best home movie


Looks like YouTube are in on the April Fools’ Day hilarity too. They’ve made a video claiming that after 8 years their contest to find the best home movie is finally closing.

It will take 10 years to review all the footage submitted and they’ll reveal the winner in 2023 when YouTube comes back online, just showing this one video.

The clip is give more credibility with the addition of YouTube favourites such as Kassem G, iJustine, Antoine Dobson, David after Dentist and Charlie bit my Finger.

April Fools’ is apparently a big part of the culture at Google, who own YouTube, and they’ve rolled out some good ones over the years, with my favourite being Rick Rolling (remember that), where many video sent people to Rick Astley’s 80’s hit, Never Gonna Give You Up instead of their intended destination.

Keep your eye out for more fools. The internet is awash with them.

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