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I like to think I’ve been pretty open about the fact that I use affiliate links on my blogs. You readers don’t have to click  them, but if you do and then you buy something, I make a few pence and that’s nice.

Today I was accepted on the the Durex affiliate scheme. I don’t really recall asking to join this programme, but maybe I did or maybe they just added me, either way, it’s obviously great news. Who even knew you could buy condoms online? I suppose it makes sense though, if you’re trying to be discrete, but they strike me as the type of items you just pick up when you’re shopping rather than going to a dedicated site.

I also think if you’re the kind of person that is bulk buying contraception online, you probably don’t have a whole lot of time to be reading my blog, but then I do write about dating, so maybe some of my advice has worked! If this is the case, I’m glad you’re being safe and maybe you want to pass on the link to my site.

Anyway, I’ve checked out the Durex site, like a good affiliate, and there’s some pretty fun stuff on there, maybe some potential stocking feelings and look, they even have free delivery!

It’s Christmas kids, have festive fun and be safe!

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