Dating at Speed


We’re going speed dating!

I’m not sure why. I did it once before, years ago, and the girls were all great, but the men, mmm, well, I couldn’t imagine spending an hour with them, let alone the rest of my life, but I’m going with a few girlfriends, so it will be fun. But a run down of my last experience goes like this:

At the start of the night, 15 men, 15 women.

By the halfway break, 15 men, 10 women.

A 1/3 of the women left because of the poor quality of the men and the rest of us were left with:

1 x drunk who was there because he knew the organisers and they needed to make up numbers

1 x man with head shaped like a pear (narrow at the top, massive cheeks)

1 x closet gay, who worked for a theatre and revelled in stories of Jason Donovan

1 x airline pilot, that was all there was about him, nothing else – get a hobby!

1 x man with overly bleached hair – you should grow out for that, you’re 26 (now 28)

10 x unmemorable men

Yes, I’m totally judging these people, but it’s speed dating, what else do people expect?

I need to get an early train to London on Wednesday, so I can’t even drink that much on Tuesday night; could be a long one.

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  • Dave May 30, 2011, 2:45 pm

    Perhaps I should give this a go! Given my ability to wash, shave, dress myself and make entertaining smalltalk it sounds like I’m way ahead of the competition.