Happy Valentine’s Day


Love Cat with cards and a jumper

I don’t really subscribe to the whole Valentine’s Day thing and this year is no exception, though I’ve inadvertently managed to arrange to spend it with my boyfriend. This does mean free dinner though, so that’s awesome, but we’re not doing anything particularly Valentinesy to mark the day because I’d rather him know how much I care about him all year round.

However, if this mid-point in February gives you a little shove to reminding a loved one how awesome you think they are, a tiny nudge to ask out the object of your affections or a massive push to being more open to serendipity and connections to new (or reconnections to old) friendships, relationships, partnerships and ferries (it’s a type of ship!) then I don’t think even I can maintain my cynical stance about the commercialism and generic nature of the day.

So seize this opportunity as best you see fit.

Here’s to acknowledging, appreciating and emitting love!

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  • Jill February 14, 2012, 1:27 pm

    Thank you for sharing your love with me. Loads of love, Mum xx