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Fish of the week

Hello again. Back for more of my PlentyOfFish messages and responses. Well, here they are…

As ever, prospective employers, you are requested to take a look over here.

This week (or whatever time period has passed):

The Guy That Didn’t Get / Ignored My Sarcasm

I do try and reply to everyone, but some people make it hard and I get bored, so then this happens:

 Him: Hi there, how are you? X

Me: You’re open a can of worms with that opener. Do you want to try something less adventurous?

Him: Well you do have great boobs

Note, that’s my own fault for my headline: “Smart, funny, great boobs!” You can see my profile here.

The Quick Conversation

Him: Hey how are you x

Let’s just ignore the lack of punctuation. I’ve had this kind of message a few times and following my house rule number one, everyone gets a response, but I’m lazy with lazy people.

Me: Alright

Him: OK then…

Me: Cool. Done.

Him: trying to make conversation dm… Leave you to it

Well, that told me. I don’t even know what the ‘dm’ bit is about, but I don’t think we have a future together. Another one bites the dust.

More Laziness

Him: good afternoon x

Me: Having much luck with that killer opener?

Him: was it bad. sorry.. how r u x

I don’t really have anything else to add to this one.

The Apparently Persistent One

This guy claims to have messaged me before. I don’t believe he has, though I’m kind of intrigued by his tactics. He’s banking on the fact that I won’t go back and check my old messages, though actually, if he had messaged me before, the previous message would show up above the new one. Anyway, is he working the guilt angle? What do you think?

Him: Hi I’m XXXX, nice to meet you :-).. Would you fancy chattin with me? I did message ya before so I’m kinda hoping you didn’t get it or sumthin so there might be a chance you get back to this one lol.. Anyhow.. I’m from XXXX, work full time, used to teach snow board, travelled much, few tattoos, they all tell a tale about me..I got a magic Piercin lol.. Love music, lived France and New York now I’m back home.. Your pics are bloody fantastic, hmm, I bet you a £10 you won’t get back 😉

Me: I responded, but you can give the tenner to a charity of your choice.

A magic piercing? Huh? I…um…I’m not going to comment any further on that. It was noted.

So, there are my messages for another week. More next week, when I’ll try ease off on the sarcasm and try and be a little kinder.

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  • Harry O'Hanrahanrahan May 12, 2013, 11:43 am

    You’ve been on POF for eighteen months now and apparently you’re still single. With that in mind, do you think you’re in the best position to be offering dating advice?

    • Jo Darby May 12, 2013, 8:16 pm

      I’ve been online dating on and off for longer than that, but have had relationships in between. I’m good at dating, I’ve never claimed to be good at relationships. It’s not the same thing at all. Thanks for your comment though.

  • Nice January 2, 2017, 6:35 am

    From another female…i can understand your sarcasm.

    Those one liners are basically for quick hookups.

    I actually like when a man will stop and think…wow, I like this lady so let me tell her what we have in common so that she’ll know I’m into her…(now this to me sounds mature and easy enough as a starting point to having a decent and fun conversation to leading up to a possible first date).

    Hopefully, an active first date (for me..) because I know we eat but can that guy do the activities I enjoy so I can see he is active and not a couch potato or less than sociable fella who only wears jeans.

    Im a woman who attends plenty of after work networking social functions in our local entrepreneurial space, art events and I’m seeking better employment..so I need to be dressed appropriately and hope that guy can hang and be supportive and be able to talk to others at art and theatrical events, etc.

    • Jo Darby February 21, 2017, 1:33 am

      Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. I think a lot may have changed in the dating world since I was in it. I had a play on Tinder for a laugh recently and I found it pretty cut-throat.

      I totally agree with you about men thinking more about our commonalities, however, I think the reality is that men send a lot more messages and often get no response, hence why some of their initial messages are a little generic and/or lacking.

      Let me know how your dating forays progress. Definitely have fun out there though.