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I’ve been going through my draft blog posts, trying to delete them or complete them. I stumbled upon this one. I’ve actually been in a relationship for over a year now with someone I met during my online dating adventures. Things are good, but I really miss how much material online dating gave me to write about, so I thought I’d finish the posts I’d started.

 Started 11/05/2013

Another week, another set of messages for me to attempt to respond to. This week I decided I would attempt to be less sarcastic and scathing in my messages. It didn’t last long.

Last week someone pointed out that I had been on Plenty Of Fish for 18 months now, so was I really qualified to be giving dating advice? Mmm, what does qualify someone to dish out advice? This is the internet and I think you’ll find there are a lot of people that don’t let lack of experience, qualifications or evidence stop them from chucking in their opinion. This is my website, named after my childhood nickname, set up by me on the hosting I pay for. Oh dear, I appear to be feeding the trolls. Anyway, the point of this rant was to segway in to another person that has been disappointed by me this week…

The Man I Disappoint

Remember, my headline is ‘smart, funny, great boobs.’ Inviting trouble, I know – it get’s a mixed response.

Him: How great are these boobies? X
Me: You may never know.
Him: That’s a shame. So are you a real red head? X
Me: Nope. Seems like I’m disappointing all round. I dye my hair this colour, have done for years. Anything else you want to ask me that I’ll probably come up short on? Oh, you should know that I am currently unemployed and living with my mum. We have a cat. He’s nearly dead though.

And that was the end of that conversation.

Written 19/07/2014

The Man I Didn’t Disappoint

So, he may not be disappointed, but he might be angered by this, however one particular chap responded to my headline like no other. He wrote something along the lines of

I like you’re headline, because what I’m looking for is a big sexy brain.

Jackpot! I had to meet this guy. Now, about 14 months on, I’m sitting in his garage (he’s a mechanic), completing this post as he fixes cars.

I’ve had a great time writing about Online Dating and I have a few more vicarious posts up my sleeve, but my foray in to Digital Courting is over. Thanks for being part of it.

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