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This will probably cue a phone call from my mother telling me “Pose*, that’s a little too personal.” I’ve taken down posts before because of her opinion and reading them back they were possibly a little ranty, though also insightful.

I’m not sure who reads this blog anymore. I know a lot of people arrive here looking for photos of a topless Captain America (shame on you) and in the past colleagues, friends, family and even my ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend have read these pages, there are also a few other bloggers who I follow that end up here sometimes.

So, for whoever is my audience, I recently became single again and I’ve noticed a couple of other bloggers this seems to have happened to lately. I hope they don’t mind me referencing them below:

The Naked Redhead
A Domino Effect

Now, I’m not here to talk about how woeful I feel since my relationship came to end because, for all my Twitter grumbling, I am actually, generally an optimist. I’m not sure what exactly I’m optimistic for, I just kind of have a belief that things will work out (I’m not religious either, but I do understand how/why people embody that kind of faith in a god/deity).

It’s unfortunate when you get dumped that you’re so naturally preoccupied with the dumper to really enjoy the new situation you find yourself in. This appears to be true of many times of flux and change that you’re focussing more on either what you left behind or how you’re going to cope.

In my recent and personal experience I discovered just how fantastic my friends are. I wasn’t really in a relationship for long enough to get to the point where I’d neglected some of my friends, however, upon the dumping, I did discover how much more free time I had to spend with my buddies.

I also remembered pretty quickly all the things I’d wanted to do and achieve that I was compromising on to be in this relationship. That was my choice and I’m not resentful, but I’m not ready to settle down any time soon either.

Ultimately, I’m philosophical about my recent relationship (how many times have I written ‘relationship?’). I had a good few months with a man that’s awesome and we had a lot of fun. I learned some new things, I’m not elaborating on that, and I hope after a bit of space we’ll remain friends.

This might mean you start getting a some more dating posts in a few months too. I also want to write a post called ‘So you got dumped,’ but I’m not sure I have the best advice always.


*Yes, that really is what she calls me. My whole online presence is based around a nickname my mum has called me for years without ever really knowing why – love her!

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  • jill June 9, 2012, 11:08 am

    No, I’m not going to admonish you on this one. Concur completely with what you say. The only time that matters is now, so recognise that you’ve had a brilliant experience and now enjoy the friends who are there ongoingly…. And if you can offer
    re-assurance to those who find themselves temporarily in the doldrums, then that’s great. Keep blogging!!