Speed Dating: Round 1


Lego Dating

I’ve been clearing out my room today [cue laughter] as if it could take but a day. Seriously, I have so much stuff and it needs to be gone, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Today, I found the card from the first time I went speed-dating. Now, I’m fascinated by what piece of information people take away about you when they have only met you once. I have been:

  • The girl with the jellyfish sting
  • The girl that worked for a Steel company
  • The girl that auditioned for Neighbours
  • The girl that gets loads of parcels delivered

I’m not sure all these things entirely sum up my whole persona, but none of them are inaccurate either. Also, none of them are facts that I’d that enamoured to be remember for (apart from maybe the Neighbours one).

Anyhoodle, these are the key facts I took away from meeting 12 men about 4 years ago at a pub in Cardiff. Not all of it makes sense, take what you will from it.

  1. Carl – Laughs at other people’s misfortune, festivals, Yell.com
  2. Gerard – Interviews, pilots, Dublin
  3. Ahmed – Architect, Bay
  4. Matt – Musician, bit of leg missing! (I’m pretty sure he was at the second event I went to earlier this year, but who am I to judge?)
  5. David – BATMAN (?!)
  6. Steven – Squash, Usk<>London, Software
  7. Andrew – Space Cowboy, Glastonbury
  8. Keith – Llanelli, drunk
  9. Kevin – Travel, sailing
  10. Simon – Jason Donovan
  11. Alex – Accountant, break
  12. Phil – CAD (Not sure if this is a comment on his dating persona or short for computer aided design

I’m hoping one day that this blog will become popular enough that someone will be known as ‘the brother of that girl with the blog’ and others might be ‘the housemate of that girl with the awesome blog!’ Let’s think big, huh?

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