Burger King’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked


Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked today and was actually not taken down very quickly. Last time I checked, the account had been suspended.

But when the hack account was still live, this is how it appeared.

Burger King's Twitter Page after McDonald's hack

This is how the Burger King page looked after it had been hacked and before the account was suspended.

This is how their page was rendering in Hootsuite. Unfortunately it even has the verification tick.

Burger Kings Twitter Profile in Hootsuite after McDonald's Hack

Burger Kings Twitter Profile in Hootsuite after McDonald’s Hack

And this is how Burger King appeared in Google’s search results

Google search results for 'Burger King Twitter'

Google search results for ‘Burger King Twitter’

But for now the account remains as ‘Account Suspended.’ Oh dear.

Account Suspended - Twitter

Account Suspended – Twitter

However, this link was tweeted to a YouTube video, which may imply who the culprits are, as I don’t think it’s likely to be McDonald’s now, is it?

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