Christmas Adverts: Battle of the Breakdown


When you think of Christmas adverts, the offerings of motoring breakdown providers probably don’t spring to mind, yet the two major UK breakdown services have both made adverts for the season.

On 5th November, RAC launched their Winter advert, with a distinctively festive feel i.e. snow and twinkly music. On 22nd November AA promoted an advert through YouTube, with hits bolstered through paid advertising, which had a distinctively less seasonal feel. So, let’s have a look at what they have to offer…

First up, RAC

This advert is nothing if not super cute, right? The crisp snow, the frozen frog, the tiny vehicles and the little lads, one with a mobile, one with a snappy salute.

It’s not overtly Christmassy, but it’s enough to fit in with the general feeling of the season and the other adverts around at this time of year. Whether it adequately explains RAC‘s offer, I’m not sure, but I think it positions RAC in a slightly different way to how they have been perceived before, especially after their Summer advert, with the patrol man pushing a Honda across countryside. So whether it directly increases sales or not, I think it will positively impact the brand.

On to the AA…

I’m not sure if this advert is a reaction to the RAC’s or not. It has kids in it and a cow (one of which featured in the RAC Summer ad) and, well, they call it Dr Who inspired.

This may never be a TV campaign, which might be for the best. It’s kind of a fun, cute, little YouTube video and rather than selling an offer, it’s promoting the speed in which AA will get to their members in need. The problem is, with the weather we’ve been experiencing and the weather we’re anticipating, AA may be over-promising and ultimately undelivering. Also, there’s no hint of the season in it. It looks like it was filmed on a Summer’s dusk.

So, I think RAC win this one, but there are other Christmas adverts out there, if neither of these are hitting your festive sweet spot, I have the best of the rest coming up soon…

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