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Want to know more about a certain someone? Need to track their every move? It’s now getting increasingly easy to find out information about pretty much anyone without breaking the law. This doesn’t make you any less weird, but people are sharing an increasing amount, something I think we are all aware of. Even I’ll admit that I Googled my boss before my initial interview and it’s likely that some employers are doing the very same thing back before interviewing propective employees.

[I keep dropping hints to my boss as to what my online ‘handle’ is. Maybe he’s following my tweets or maybe he just doesn’t care and knows enough about me through Linked In.]

Anyway, there are a few lesser known services you might need to know about.

Pleaserobme.com uses information that people are posting on FourSquare via Twitter to alert potential villains to people’s whereabouts, so they can burgle residences. Ouch! However, I’ve visited the site this morning and the information is no longer available. The site feels it has highlighted the issue that it was trying to gain publicity for and that it no longer needs to submit this information, but I find it interesting that they could do this in the first place. I also don’t agree that they’ve received enough publicity, but maybe there are others forces at work here that have resulted in the decisions to remove this sensitive information.

Next, a Swedish software firm called Astonishing Tribe, have created an app for smartphones call Recognizr, where you just point and click your camera phone at a ‘victim’ and you can find out all sorts of information about them based on their social media activities. So if this wasn’t an opt-in service, it would be pretty scary, right? But it is opt-in and even so, I do wonder how accurate this face recognition technology is. You could end up stalking completely the wrong person. Something tells me this is not how love happens. Something also tells me that this is great publicity for Astonishing Tribe to showcase their capabilities.

And finally, I discovered this little gem due so someone I know who has recently got engaged. They have an app on their phone which allows their significant other to send them a message and their response tells her where he is. The app is called HeyWay and is available at the iTunes App Store. Initially I thought that this was a little paranoid – get the hell out of that marriage! But knowing him, as long as he can respond to the request, which you can ignore, but then may pose a whole load of other questions, it might actually save him on a drunken night out. I can see the pros of this app, but I think it is more often than not used for evil rather than good!

So, the power of Digital and Social Media is removing a lot of uncertainty and surprises, but again, it’s largely about what you decide to divulge and what you also decide to Google.

Happy stalking…


You’ve heard of Linked-In? Right?


And Twitter?


FourSquare – I’m not sure I understand this service, let alone have the time or inclination to use it…


The Astonishing Tribe are creating atonishing apps


HeyWay might just save your life


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