How to manage your estate agent: Setting up your listing


So you’ve selected your estate agent, it’s time to get your spec created and your listing online.

House Sold Sign

We sold our house!

First up you need to get your listing sorted. For that, photos will need to be taken.

Tidy the house

Clear up your house. Remove clutter, but don’t make it look too sparse. People like to be able see how their things look in the house, but don’t appear to like it looking bare because it doesn’t look like a home.

Check the photos

Check the photos before they go live. If you’re not happy with them, get them done again. They’re to sell your house, so ensure you’re happy with them.

Check the spec

Make sure you’re happy with the specification before it goes live. We ended up rewriting ours ourselves after a couple of weeks. As well as making sure the information is accurate, consider the following:

  • What’s in the top few lines of text? This is what will be shown in the search results on sites like RightMove. You’re probably wondering what should be in here. Well, when we first had our spec written, it had information at the top about the local amenities. Given the way people use websites like RightMove and search by area, they are probably already aware of the local amenities, therefore the top paragraph needs to have key distinguishing features of the house in it e.g. 2 bathrooms, new kitchen, large garden, etc.
  • Next up, improvements made to the house should be listed. Potential buyers have access to historical house purchase prices on site like Zoopla, so they can find out how much you paid initially. We’re in a house price slump, so if you’re asking the same or more than you paid for your house, you need to define what justifies this, i.e. what work and improvements have been done. Has the local area improved?
  • Do you live in a good rental area? You might like to specify potential rental income so people can get an idea of how much they can earn from your property if it’s bought as an investment.

Check the location

Yes, ours was wrong, meaning that for the first week on the market our house was showing up in results several roads over, then it was positioned on the road perpendicular to ours.

Check where your advert is showing

Just have a quick look on all the main sites you’d expect to see your house promoted on. These include:


As well as the estate agents own website (seems obvious, but trust me, you really need to check it)

So there you go. You should have a pretty nifty and accessible listing for your property now.

But what now? You need to keep managing your Estate Agent now your house is officially on the market and that’s my next post…

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