Phones 4U in administration


I’m rather surprised at the news that Phones 4U has gone in to administration. Not because I thought they had a water-tight business model, but because it was only a matter of weeks ago that I was approached about applying for a role with them as Content Manager.

When asked what the objective of the position was, I was told that they had ambitions to follow in the foot steps of  Red Bull and begin to start publishing on a greater scale. I was surprised by this and even at the time pondered whether they knew the extent to which Red Bull produced and syndicated media, owning radio channels, magazines and of course, putting a man on the edge of space. While I believe the Red Bull portfolio is fantastic and demonstrates exciting and innovative diversification, a model which many organisations have and could take inspiration from, this seemed a very ambitious proposition for Phones 4U and now, in the light of recent news, even more so.

I haven’t read much about the speculated future for Phones 4U. I hope their employees are being provided the support they undoubtedly need. In terms of their Newcastle-Under-Lyme office, there are an increasing number of jobs in the Midlands and I hope some of these opportunities will be suitable for employees based there.

We’ll see how this well known brand continues, if at all.

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