Reasons Why People Aren’t Hiring Your Digital Agency


I do not now and never have worked for a Digital Agency, yet I’ve amassed a few reasons why some aren’t getting as much work as they probably should be, especially as some are actually working on some pretty nifty projects.

So, here are the reasons I think some agencies might not get hired from the clients point of view:

1. Poor SEO

You say you can help with our SEO (search engine optimisation) and I can’t find your website through obvious search terms unless I include your agency name, and even then it’s ambiguous

This is true. I went to an agency recently and even after searching their name and location, I still had two different web addresses to choose from.

Listing the locations you operate in and writing more about your work will help this. I’m not SEO expert, but if you’re claiming to be, you might like to look in to this.

2. Poor Social Media Presence or Recommendations

You want to help me define my Social Media strategy but you’re not demonstrating yours very well.

I’ve seen all these issues from Digital agencies offering Social Media management as part of their offering:

  • You don’t tweet
  • You don’t have a Facebook company page
  • You’re suggesting non-compliant Facebook cover art
  • You’re suggesting non-compliant Facebook competitions/promotions
  • You want to measure everything in terms of followers/likes
  • You’ve got non-compliant Social Media icons on your website

Come on guys, get the basics right.

I also believe that most agencies will try and help you run a Social Media campaign, which is the fun bit of Social Media, but they won’t actually help you to set up and robust and sustainable Social Media infrastructure because that stuff is hard work.

3. Over-familiar biographies

The biogs on your employees aren’t relevant to the job I want them to carry out.

I get it, you want us to get to know your employees; show how fun and wacky they can be. Guess what? I just want them to do a job. I certainly don’t want to hear that their childhood idol was Rolf Harris as I read on one agency’s website.

As a Digital agency, you really shouldn’t be short of content for your site, so you shouldn’t need this stuff.

Delete off old employees too. The Rolf Harris agency (would you really want that as your moniker?) had a news item from 2 months previous welcoming their new Social Media Manager, which was the job I was interviewing for at the time. Asking if that was someone I’d be working with my interviewer responded with ‘no, she was a bit of a dragon, so we fired her.’ Ouch! She managed to find herself a new role and actually I almost interviewed at her new agency. Anyway, leaving up now irrelevant news items that could invite questions that you might not want to answer isn’t recommended.

So, what agency faux pas have you witnessed?

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