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New figures from Sticky Eyes suggest that investing in Customer Care as part of your Social Media strategy really does pay off; from my experience, I would have to agree. I also believe it’s the first part of your Social Media engagement strategy you need to get right.

I’ve written before about how Social Media is changing the way we complain, but from what I’ve seen, people aren’t just commenting on service to get a reaction. I’ve seen customer comments in the company I work for, where people will just send a quick tweet or Facebook update to let you know how impressed with us they are, which is obviously awesome and great to share in your internal comms.

There are a lot more people talking on this old internet and those people might very well be talking about your brand. So investing in customer care isn’t just about communicating through a channel that you customers are in, it also:

  • Let’s people know you’re listening
  • Gives you the opportunity to display that you are actively dealing with complaints and the way in which you deal with them
  • Encourages loyal customers to defend you (I love it when this happens)
  • Provides positive anecdotal evidence for you to share internally to boost morale or demonstrate that Social Media is worth investing in
  • Allows you to explain your products/services to everyone
  • Provides a great research tool to find out what customers what and what parts of your proposition they don’t understand.

…amongst other things.

I know how tempting it is to set up Social Media accounts and then just run exciting campaign, rack up ‘likes’ and push Marketing messages, but Customer Care, Customer Service, whatever you want to call it, really is the first area you want to get right or you’re going to be frustrating your existing customers before you can acquire any new ones.

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