Basic Social Media Tips


The most important element of Social Media is timing, whether that be broadcast messaging, engagement posts or responses.

So if you’re reacting to a news story you need to be there when all the associates hashtags are flying, not a week later when your content has circulated the business twice for sign off. This is an argument for not having an agency do your social media as you’ll almost always need to sign off their content.

If you’re responding to a customer complaint, that needs to be within 30mins ideally or you might as well ignore it.

If you’re seeking engagement with your own activity, post at peak times when your target audience are most likely to see it and have the time to engage.

Consistency is up there too. For planning content sharing post at regular times and days so people know what to expect when. If you can train people to expect a post about promotions on a Thursday, they’ll start waiting for Thursday to roll round so they can be the first for a deal.

If you have a small following on Twitter don’t bother making up your own hashtags. No one will adopt them or search for them, rendering them useless. Use existing hashtags, but ensure that your content is relevant to them. Don’t hijack irrelevant, yet popular hashtags. This almost never ends well.

If you do have a big enough following to start your own hashtag, watch for hijacking. Effective hijacking can change the whole meaning of the hashtag.

Forget about hashtags on Facebook. As there is no way to see what is trending and what is not and people’s connections are generally lower, but more intimate on Facebook, they’re pretty pointless. Hashtags are for filtering content, which Facebook already does by having pages, groups, Edgerank and newsfeed filters.

Play with Google Plus hashtags. They kind of work.

Just play with Google Plus. It’s an interesting place.

Know your audience.

Only ask one question at a time.

Delete redundant links.

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