Facebook Offers: Available to all (UK)


I wrote a few months ago about how Facebook offers were being trialed in the UK, but you needed to have a fixed address and even then it wasn’t a certainty that you’d get to to use offers.

Well, now Facebook offers is available to all Facebook pages (though you’ll need to have a minimum number of likes, I think it’s about 400) and you don’t need to have a fixed address now either, which is handy if you offer a service or run a website and you serve all over the UK or the world! I would assume this is global, but my experience is only within the UK.

Facebook offers are pretty simple to use. It’s almost as easy as updating your page status. Plus, right now they’re free and if someone clicks to redeem one of your offers, it will let all their friends know about it.

1. Click ‘Offer, Event +’ and select offer

Facebook Offers 1


2. Select how you would like people to redeem your offer

(and make sure they can fulfill online if you’re going to pick that option)

Dependent on the option you pick will then depend on the next step.

Facebook Offers


3. Online Redemption of Facebook Offer

If you select an option with online redemption, you are requested to provide a URL and redemption code, but apart from this all the steps are the same as ‘in store’ redemption.

Facebook offers online redemption


However, if you select ‘in store’ redemption, you do have the option to add a barcode to the voucher.

4. Add a thumbnail and offer text

The next step is to add a thumbnail for your offer as well as the text. You only have 90 characters, so keep your offer simple. This is the best way for it to spread too, because people will shy away from it if it’s too complicated and they don’t understand it.

Facebook offers add a thumbnail and text up to 90 characters

You can also add terms and conditions to your offer here, limit the number of offers claimed and add an expiry date.

5. Your preview

And you’ll get something that looks like this. This will be emailed to the email account you used for registering with Facebook in order for you to see a preview.

Facebook offers preview emailed

Note: I’m not sure using a photo of me will aid your offer.

6. Setting the budget

Next up you have the opportunity to either put this offer live for free, which I’d recommend if you’re just testing, or reaching a larger audience through some paid for activity. Facebook will let you know how many people you can expect to reach with the offer, though in my experience this isn’t always completely accurate. However, the cost is just an estimate too and won’t go over the amount you define.

Facebook offers budget setting

The offer gets promoted to the people that have ‘liked’ your page, but if they claim the offer, it will appear in their newsfeeds, hopefully spreading further to get you some viral promotion.

You can also chose to schedule the offer on this page so that it doesn’t go live straight away. (Hit the clock in the bottom left).

7. Targeting

One last tip/option. You can target your offer to specific subsets of your audience.

Facebook offers targeting to hit different subsets of your audience

So if you’ve created an offer that you believe will appeal to some people rather than others, you can save budget by eliminating some fans and actively selecting others based on:

  • Gender
  • Relationship Status
  • Educational Status (and it annoys me that on the picture above one ‘status’ has a capital ‘s’ and the other does not)
  • Interested in
  • Age
  • Location
  • Language

All you need to do if click ‘share’ now and you’ve just created your first Facebook offer.


It appears that people still aren’t completely comfortable with Facebook offers, so don’t expect all your claimed offers to be redeemed and be prepared for a few people getting a little upset when they receive an email confirming the offer.

The biggest complaints I’ve seen have been that people don’t want to be on your email marketing list, which they won’t be as Facebook don’t provide that and also that they didn’t want the offer. Well, then they’re not obliged to use it, that’s OK. Just stand by your Facebook page to tackle these concerns.

Happy offering…

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