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#Fail Friday: Hell Pizza New Zealand

Hell Pizza ConfessionalOh dear, it’s Friday and I’ve found a pretty epic fail. I only saw it because I love Social Media and I love New Zealand, so naturally I follow Social Media NZ on Facebook. I’ve seen this on a couple of places on the internet, but I’m surprised it hasn’t become more prevalent.

Hell Pizza New Zealand, where Hell Pizza originated, has a weekly competition where you can confess your secrets and the best one each week wins a pizza or something…

Anyway, the one that won last week was pretty special. Please switch off now if you’re easily offended or possibly a little harder to offend. Here it is…

I once was at this party and saw this utter wanker, he passed out so I stuck a mask on and stuck my cock and balls in to his mouth until he woke up. To this day he still doesn’t know who it was, and gets shit for it all the time.

In true Social Media style, the subsequent comments ranged from congratulatory to appalled (you can read them all here), but while this thread was self moderating, a comment from Hell Pizza really was required as they were essentially highlighting and condoning sexual assault as was pointed out by more than one commentor.

Some time later Hell Pizza then posted this response (source: Jezebel)

Hey everyone, tonight we posted a fan’s confession seeing it in the spirit of a prank between mates. Once we understood that offence had been taken and saw the bad light the post could be seen in we removed it, and we apologise to those offended. Lesson learned.

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that it’ difficult to see the good light in this particular ‘prank’ and, indeed, the publication of it. This weak apology was not enough to silence many of the offended, of which there were many.

Ultimately, a more sincere apology was posted with the promise to donate 10,000NZD (£5,144) to the Wellington Rape Crisis charity, with a further commitment to match all donations made before the end of the month. This gesture came on the back of suggestions made on Facebook.

While this incident showed a massive error in judgement from the Community Manager, I think they eventually handled this in an appropriate manner. This has clearly cost them financially, but will raised awareness of unacceptable conduct and sexual abuse, plus the Wellington Rape Crisis charity, which will hopefully remain funded, as it is currently struggling. It has also raised awareness of Hell Pizza, which is branching out to become an international brand. I’m not suggesting this was a planned stunt, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this also benefits the brand ultimately.

You can make a donation to Wellington Rape Crisis here.


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