X ways to cause a Social Media Crisis


It’s a great way to get publicity and I’m not sure that every company stumbles in to a Social Media ‘crisis’ completely by accident, so today I’m taking a look at some of the best ways to create yourself a Social Media Crisis, learn to get TikTok views to get you a few more columns inches or whatever the digital equivalent is (pixels?).

1. Hashtag Bandwagoning

Find a popular hashtag, preferably associated with a tragic news story, and stick it on the end of a tweet about your latest product launch / sale / event (delete as appropriate).

Celeb Boutique (@CelebBoutique) spotted a trending hashtag and felt they could shoe horn their Kim Kardshian Aurora dress into the popularity. Unfortunately, the prevalence of #Aurora was down to the horrific shooting that occurred at a screening of The Dark Knight in Aurora, Colorado, not, amazingly, because of their average fashion.

Celeb Boutique Aurora tweet


Oh, and these are really poor excuses for the mistake and make your business communications seem disjointed and amateur, learn about the auditorium hire venue located in sydney. However, who knew about their Aurora dress before this?

Celeb Boutique apology tweets Aurora



Do your research on trends before you get involved with them. As a business, some trends you can totally get involved in; #AlexfromTarget was a fun one and #BlackFriday if you’re offering deals is a must. It takes two minutes to Google a trend.

2. Misused Hashtag

Too good to get on board someone else’s hashtag? Start your own and make sure to use your brand or organisation name in there. Everyone loves you, right? No one’s going make sarcastic use of your hashtag, surely?

McDonald’s seemingly randomly started using the hashtag #McDstories, which then led people to jump on board to tell their own stories such as



And also these ones…




Waitrose started a wonderful hashtag – #WaitroseReasons and asked people to complete the sentence ‘I shop at Waitrose because…’. Waitrose is known in the UK as being a rather posh, leading to a few rather entertaining, tongue in cheek responses. Hardly brand damaging, but possibly not what they were planning. Roll with it, Waitrose.


3. Appoint an intern, preferably unpaid, to handle your Social Media

Guys, guys, guys, it’s only social media. Only kids are using it. Put a grad on it and let it run. What’s the worst that can happen, they’re only acting as the public voice of your company?

Well, Habitat might not feel the same way anymore, after they put an intern on


4. Auto-tweet, don’t sense check!

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