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Why have your Facebook friends just jumped up?

You may have noticed recently that your Facebook friends have increased in number. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you haven’t just become inexplicably more popular.

The new, higher number now actually includes some deactivated friend. Here’s what Zuckerberg, or one of his friends or just someone at Facebook had to say about it:

We recently changed the way we count the number of people you are friends with to include some accounts that are not currently active on the service. It is important to note, that while we are showing different counts, no additional user information will be available. Due to our internal infrastructure we can provide an even faster experience for those that use our service by showing these modified counts.

The rationale behind this is that you can now go and unfriend these people to avoid any chance of security leaks.

Those deactivated, disengaged with Facebook ‘friends,’ if you can still call them that after abandoning Facebook, are quite easy to identify in your friends list. They are the ones without a face in their profile picture.

How deactivated Facebook friends appear in your friends listOnce you’ve found them, you then have the opportunity to unfriend them and they’ll be gone forever.

Hope this helped solved a mystery.

Remember, I have a Facebook page for this blog here, so you can get your updates in to your Facebook newsfeed, which I think you might enjoy.


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  • BE UNIQUE. That’s the key to social media. If you arent funny or amusing, then it’s not a game worth playing.

    • I agree with you to an extent. You need to be offering something people can’t get anywhere else. You don’t necessarily need to be funny, though it can help. You might have exclusive information, a way of communicating and conveying information that people enjoy or simply be extremely likeable. The people that seem to be doing Social best either have dynamite insight, are super personable or a combination of the two.

  • How to contact the administrator of a Facebook Page › Blog › Best Practice
    There are some situations where you might want to contact the administrator of a Facebook Page: for example, if it’s an unofficial Fan Page, if there is

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