A Little Motivation: Resisting the Muffin


There is a girl at work who is younger than me and has an incredible figure. I assumed the reason she has an incredible figure is that she is younger than me. I’m guessing she’s about 23, you know, the kind of age with a fast metabolism.

Anyway… The other day we had a meeting at work for the whole Marketing team at a local hotel. There are always cakes, pastries and cookies around as well as bowls of sweets and chocolate. So, if you’re on a diet, there is plenty of temptation.

I spied a basket of muffins.

If I was going to eat a muffin, I’m not going to mess around, it better be chocolate chip and not blueberry. While pouring a glass of water, I asked the girl with the incredible figure

“Are those muffins chocolate chip or blueberry?”

She glanced at the basket of sugary carbs and then looked back at me.

“I don’t know, I don’t eat that stuff.” She replied.

“You don’t eat muffins?” I was surprised.

“I don’t eat anything like that; muffins, cookies…”

I knew she was right. That body of her’s isn’t just built on youth.

I retreated from the muffins with only a glass of water.

Stay strong people!

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