Fit Body Boot Camp: My very own Game Changer


I’ve heard news that the next game changer (GC 3.0) starts on Saturday at Fit Body Boot Camp. The game changer that I didn’t want to do because I didn’t want to take protein powder or supplements and I certainly didn’t want to hand over my beloved before and after pictures, they are Social Media gold. I didn’t want to do it because that would cost me even more money than I already spend with them and a girl’s gotta eat (and rinse the ASOS sales, right?). glucosamine and fish oil supplements for my jointsSo, my plan is to beat them at their own games (or at least join them). I have supplements in the form of fish oil and glucosamine for my joints from my beloved LloydsPharmacy and I’ve ordered some protein powder from MuscleFood too. I have a plan of action and I want to lose 14lbs before my ski holiday right at the end of February. So while I’ve kind of not stuck to my resolutions, though I’m still dry (off the booze), I think it’s OK to reset the clock. I’m going to pull a Windows and skip a number, so this is my Game Changer 4 (I’ll be using #GC4 on Social Media). Aim to post my action plan very soon, so keep posted.

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