Boxercise, Baby: Take 2


I’ve just been to boxercise again today and I kind of thought that I didn’t really give it a particularly good write-up last time. It was a bit lazy, so I thought I’d have another go.

This was the Wednesday class, which I don’t think I’ve been to before. We had a female instructor today and I find females in this profession particularly shouty and a little abrasive. I’ve never warmed to women instructing exercise since I had a manly looking woman teaching me to swim, when I was about 5. My secondary school hockey teachers were no softer in demeanour and I think I even wrote a letter of complaint to Wyndley Leisure Centre in my early twenties regarding being victimised in a particularly traumatic step class by some aerobics witch.Boxing Gloves

Anyway, back to today’s class. It started and it wasn’t immediately apparent what was going on. After being hollered at to perform 20 squat-thrusts within the first 5 minutes, I was ready to leave, but I persevered.

Much confusion ensued. I eventually paired up with a lovely bloke who only seemed to have moderately more of a concept of what we were supposed to be doing than me. In case you weren’t sure, in the pair, one person has the pads and one person has the boxing gloves. The gloves and pads are alternated between the pair so everyone gets to do each exercise.

We mixed it up a bit today with some kicking and ducking. We messed up at one point and switched gloves and pads when we were supposed to switch exercises. At this point we were pretty certain that the moderately aggressive instructor was going to kick us out, but our error went undetected and we remained in the class.

Half way through the class, people definitely seem more fired up. We did an exercise where the people with the pads formed an inner circle facing out and the and people with gloves formed an outer circle facing in. The people with the gloves had to throw 10 punches and then move on to the next person. The pad holders became really encouraging and I didn’t even feel too offended by an older gentleman’s slightly patronising “good girl” when I finished my set with him. It also didn’t hurt that there was a rather attractive gent punching when I was padding and vice versa. Not only was he cute he also seemed pretty fun, with plenty of “ready? Go for its” and “come ons.” He could also pack a pretty mean punch and maintained his stamina, all good signs. However, I was sweating buckets, as red as a tomato and has make-up where I hadn’t intended it to be.

I think that circle business was probably my favourite exercise. We had several punches with shuttle-runs rounds and no evil squats today, which I don’t think my aching thighs could have tolerated.

I wasn’t a massive fan of ‘the plank’ on the cool down, where you have to elevate yourself on your arms and toes in a straight, flat position. I kind of gave up on that when the instructor wasn’t looking at me.

Boxercise is definitely improving my focus too. You kind of need to be on the ball when there is the threat of being kicked in the kidneys or punched in the boob!

Tomorrow, fitness yoga. Any ideas what this is?

And finally…I’ve just remembered, the instructor announced at the end of the class that she would be off next week as she’s having a very important operation to stop her having any more babies! WTF? Too much information! Why is she sharing this?

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