Boxercise, Baby!


I’ve just got back from boxercise. It was my second session and although my partner was still giving me instructions, she seemed a lot less frustrated by me than the first girl I partnered with.

It’s a pretty awesome work out and I definitely push myself harder than I normally do in the gym.

I’m getting pretty good at all the moves now. I know my jab, from my cross, from my uppercut. KA-POW! We also did these sit-ups with punches at the end, plus lots of sprinting and squats and although I can feel my muscles tightening already, I’m definitely going to keep it up, twice a week.

Don’t think I’m ready to take on the Mighty Jen Miller yet though, who does proper boxing as opposed to just the gym class version.

Just have a pizza in the oven now. I’ll be throwing that recipe for that over at Pose’s Garden as I used courgettes I grew myself to make it.

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