Boxercise Round 4: Let’s start asking some questions


Ding ding, seconds out!

I attended my fourth boxercise class today and it really does take a lot of my will power to even stay in the class. I didn’t like the warm up today. I hate knee lifts whilst jogging. Anyway, I did stay.

Today I was paired with a very athletic looking girl from Eastern Europe. She was another person that did not take kindly to my lack of coordination. It’s not that I’m not taking the class seriously, it’s just I’m still getting to grips with it. They change up the exercises and routine every session, it’s hard to develop a pattern.

Anyway, I don’t know if it’s for the instructor to seem more impressive or because everyone but me knows where every muscle in the human body is, but after the third time of being told I was going to work my obliques, I had to ask where on Earth I could find them. Apparently they’re down the sides of your torso. Here:

This is an oblique

Source: www.exrx.net/Muscles/Obliques.html

My point here is that you shouldn’t assume people know what you’re talking about when you use technical terms. Try and read your audience and gauge their understanding. We’ve had a new starter at work this week and I’ve been really careful to try and limit my acronyms, so SEO is search engine optimisation and CCD is consumer credit directive. People are terrible at work for abbreviations and using project code names that don’t even give you a hint at what they could pertain to. Project Pixie Dust anyone?

Also, if you don’t know the answers, ask questions. I reckon all the smartest people are inquisitive. I’ve been told before that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Mmm, sometimes there is, but generally there isn’t.

So, they are my two point for today:

  • Keep your language simple
  • Ask questions

Got it?

Though another point I’d like to stress is that I will NEVER EVER enjoy burpees; these evil beasts:


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