#JoRuns : 5km, 35 mins 32 seconds – Chips are bad!


I’ve run two nights in row and I know this is against the advice I’ve been given, but after a shocking run on Wednesday due to lack of time, sleep and food (I managed 3km in 21 mins bang on and that was it), I had to go again on Thursday. Problem was today I also fancied sausage and chips from the chip shop for dinner.

Now, I did the calculation on My Fitness Pal, the app I’m using to track my food consumption, exercise and weight (I’ve lost 5lbs, thank you very much), and I could eat this for dinner and with the exercise I was planning I would still be within my calories for the day – win? Not so much. Turns out deep fried chips and jumbo sausage are not the best fuel for running.

Distance: 5km (yes, a whole k too little)
Time: 35 mins, 32 secs (not too bad)
Music: A bit of McFly, a bit of OK Go

Back up to 6km next time I reckon…

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