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#JoRuns and then walks a bit, then runs a bit more…

…then gives up and walks home with mate, chatting about going to Blackpool!

Yes, it was a bit of an exercise fail this evening. I went out running with Guy again around the same 7.5km route and we probably ran half of it max. The issues we faced were lack of energy from not eating properly before we went out, pulled muscle on guys part and tight calves on mine. Still, we got out there in the sun, thus soaking up some vitamin D and I’m going to have another go tomorrow, but on a more sensible diet.

The 20km is still feeling pretty daunting right now, but all I can do is keep trying and pushing myself and finding some awesome running tunes. Anyone got any suggestions for running music?


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  • ‘Runs and then walks a bit’. Sounds a lot like when I first started running. I used to run in the morning before breakfast, then I learnt the hard way, that it’s a stupid thing to do.

    As for music. I normally listen to rap and hip-hop. Don’t know why wasn’t really a fan before I started running. Something to do with the beat?

    • I’ve definitely noticed the same musical trend as you since starting running. I’ll hear songs on the radio I never would have downloaded before, but I now think ‘that would be a killer running track.’ Not been on the treadmill as much as I would have liked this week due to work, but will be going hard next week.

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