Learning to Snowboard: Day 4


After a momentous day yesterday, today took a big dip when the weather turned incredibly cloudy/foggy. We had trouble deciding between cloud and fog, so most of us used the terms interchangeably.

The horrific weather meant increased concentration was essential. It’s amazing how much this required focus takes it out of you physically. Further down the slope the conditions improved, but really not enough.

We took to the Penguin Park, where children practiced, which was supposed to be easy, but it was incredibly icy, causing a disconcerting crunching sound beneath my board, reverberating up my legs.

I fell multiple times. Each time on my knees, through my inadequate knee pads. The bruising will be magnificent.

I then fell right behind the exit sign to Penguin Park, requiring me to unclip and reattach my board. Oh goodness, my limbs are heavy!

By the end of the lesson I felt totally drained. All I wanted to do was get down the slope and eat!

Traversing the slope to our lunch venue felt endless, squinting to see the boarder ahead of me. The foggy cloud was clearing, but only to revel a long, flat, narrow blue run, the bane of a boarder’s life. Trying to maintain speed here, I grazed boarders, caught my edge and stumbled a few times, with my finale being several tumbles I quick succession, with blows to knees, bum, head and boobs!

I went back to the chalet after lunch. I was broken.

We did enjoy some happy hour drinking though and then congregated at the bottom of the piste for some Harlem Shake action. I’m not over-joyed with the result, but it was fun to be involved.

Harlem shake

Correction: I mentioned earlier in the week that our instructor was 19. It turns out he’s about 25/26.

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