Week 1 – Game Changer 3.0: Goal Setting


Game changer! Sounds serious, right? Well, it is, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be fun.

This is a 12 week programme of nutrition and exercise, over which I would like to learn more about how my body uses nutrients and get back into some healthy habits that I’ve let slip.

We’ve been given a little homework, and while I am not averse that, I’m not really of fan of hand-writing anything, so I’m going to document my goals here and once I have them straight, then I’ll transfer them to my book. 

Here goes nothing…

Game Changer Goals

What are your ultimate goals for the next 12 weeks?

  • Learn more about nutrition and what my body needs
  • Reduce my body fat from 37% to <30%
  • Get to my original goal weight of 150 lbs
  • Maintain a curvy physique, but which is more toned, strong and firm.

Why are they important to me?

  • I want to look sexier, not just for my boyfriend, but for me. As shallow as it may seem, I do think people that are fitter and more attractive get on better in life and now I am starting a new job, where I will be meeting a lot of new colleagues and clients, I feel that being in better shape will make me more successful, whether directly or indirectly by having more confidence. I also sometimes find that people with a desirable body can be a little intimidating to me and create a source of frustration and jealousy – I don’t want to feel those things anymore.
  • I want to be able to wear my whole wardrobe. There is a large proportion of my wardrobe that I have reserved for ‘when I am thinner.’ Well, now is the time to get thinner and get into those clothes. I have a particular dress that I would like to wear to a wedding in June – that’s a goal.
  • I want to be strong. I want to know that if I ever needed to I could define myself. But also, I’d like the strength as a deterrent, a bit like nuclear arms (I don’t have the budget for nuclear arms currently).
  • I feel like I have always been the fat friend. I am a bridesmaid in November and I don’t want to be out of proportion from the rest of the wedding party.

What will I do for myself when I reach my goals?

  • The last weekend of the Game Changer I am supposed to be in London doing a scavenger hunt. I am hoping my improved fitness will help me win it this year as we’ve come fourth 2 years in a row.
  • I’m already planning a mini-break with my friend, Martha.
  • I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to take me to Victoria Secrets.
  • There will be shopping. I’d like some PU leather effect trousers too.
  • I’m also considering a (naked) photo shoot, but we’ll see what I achieve.

What has held me back in the past?

I don’t like missing out. If my boyfriend or friends want to go out for drinks or dinner, I find it difficult to resist. I’ve also lost my routine since I left my job, but I hope starting my new job and getting back into a routine will help.

What will I do differently this time?

This time I’ll be honest about my in take and exercise, drink more water and monitor everything. I will also do all I can to attend the 2 smash sessions per week.

Who will help me get there?

My boyfriend is already being very supportive, as is my mum and my friend Martha, who is making me kale crisps in her dehydrator.

I’m a little worried about starting a new job, but hope my new colleagues will just assume that this is the food I normally eat and won’t ask too many questions. They have Chocolate Friday in my new office though, so hopefully one of the trainers can take that off my hands.

Leave a message here for your future self of days when you feel like giving up:

All your usual cliches

  • Nothing worth having comes easily.
  • You can’t fail at something you don’t give up on.

But seriously, this time, you have paid a considerable amount of money and you know you want this. Imagine the confidence you will have with the body that you want. Imagine how much easier clothes shopping will be. Think about all the events you have coming up this year and how much more comfortable you will feel with a firmer, stronger, sexier body.

You’ve got this!


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