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Love Label

I’m not sure I should post about this because it kind of seems a little mean to Love Label, which is a little label that I’m a little bit smitten with right now.

Man, that must get annoying, when I’m always like ‘oh, I don’t know if I should do this’ and then I go ahead and do it anyway.

Well, I have noticed they must have some cunning little CRM thing going on. I’ve registered with the site and have ordered from them previously. Great service, all items beautiful wrapped in tissue paper, can’t complain. I’ve been over to the site in the last few days to check out their voucher codes and have dropped a few things in my basket, then…shock horror…I’ve frivolously abandoned my cart!

A day later and I receive an email stating that Love are aware I’ve been to the site and are offering me £10 off my next order (over £30). That’s pretty neat, right?

So, maybe give it a whirl. Register. Add some stuff to your basket. Then leave. Play a little hard to get and see how they respond. I’d be interested to hear your results. Plus, they have a sale on too right now!


Merry Christmas shoppers!


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