To Ombre or not to Ombre?


So, I’ve been thinking about ombring (sp?) my hair for a while now. The ombre effect on hair is the effect where by your hair looks like it’s been kind of dip-dyed, so it’s blonder on the bottom than at the top. It also looks like your dark roots have grown out, but in a good way.

Drew Barrymore Ombre Hair

Drew Barrymore: Ombre Hair

I think Drew Barrymore is one of my favourite examples of the classic Ombre. Now, I might have come a little late to the party here, because I know a lot of celebrities followed this trend some time back and that many YouTube gurus has gone ahead and shown tutorials already such as The Persian Babe and Anna Saccone of The Style Diet who pulled off an impressive reverse ombre, dying her already blonde locks brown from the top down.

Celebrities are switching it up a bit now though, with the likes of Lauren Conrad adding blus streaks to the bottom of her ombre (with matching gradiated nails – love it) and Kate Bosworth going for a washed out blue ombre (not a fan of this, this girl should really go for a choppy bob; something a bit Aniston. Maybe it’s for a film role – whatevs). I don’t think I could really get away with colour for work.

So, should I go for it? Please let me know.




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